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Staub Audio Engineering is working with many labels and artists all around the world!
The goal of our effords is to build a long term relationship with our clients - some of them, we had the honor to accompany since decades. The concept of Staub Audio Engineering is a close cooperation with artists and labels and the goal is to meet all of them on an equal footing. It is about your vision and your music - we will help you to establish the perfect sound.  As an former artist myself, i know what an intimate process it is to place your music - your babies - in the hands of an engineer. This is the reason why i always try to prioritize professional but also "personal" communication - there is no right and wrong in this process - your wishes are what we aim for primarily. In this process we start the mixing or mastering where your creative process ended - music is about feeling and innovation - lets get your vision to the next level!
Some of our Clients: Walter Warm * Wun Two  * Twit One " Morlockko Plus (Morlockk Dilemma) * Afura USA * Kota the Friend * Calm (USA) *  Ruste Juxx USA * DJ Lethal (Limp Bizkit) *  Stefan Wilczynski * Zweizimmergefüge * Summit One * Chilled Samples Podcast * Phil the Agony * Sleepy Patterns *Time from Calm NYC" "Pseudo Slang" * Brous One * Hawk One* Blameful Isles / Planet Asia USA * Flughand * Damaa * Kota the Friend USA * Spazue Windu * Jesse Kohlhaas * Borealisme * Invention * Martin Sky * Pawcut * Kill Emil *Yuto * Funky Nots * Meister Lampe *  AK420 * Mundraub RFA*  BLNKSPC * Peesslufthannah *Hafkes * BB*Warpath * Bryzen * Moon Crew * Chomonici * Kkorpus Delikkti * Ikarus * Jackspin * Jazzquaterz * Khadebai * Karmawin * Sickness MP *Krooks 47* Laxfilet * LBL lobitloopers * Eugen Schott * Johannes Onetake Nizzou * Maximum One * * Ghostnaut * Sarid * Miss BunPun * Mister jones * Moon Crew * MT Fujitive*Remulak * tomppabeats * Nutkase * Organic Pulse Ensemble * DJ Obsolete Raw Mentality * RLLBTS * RunWallance * BBZ * Funkonami * Skeptika *Querl * Smoky Kun * Fellowsoph * Sophie Derntl * Anatolian Lover * Soup Box * Sto Nii * Sugiva *       Tetsu * DerBenman * Zetta * Toonorth * Telemakus * Cygn* *Naschmarkt* *Mt Fujitive* *LakmanOne*and thousands more Clients 
Music Labels and Companies 
Rand Muzik Presswerk GER * *Honigdachs Label AUT" *Blumeblau Label GER* * Bagage Music Label GER * * Ninetofive Records USA * * Urban Waves Records BLG / GER * Radio Juicy BLG / GER * Dezibelle Records GER * 
* Chillhop Records USA * * Good Society Music Label USA * *Goji Records GER * * Lofi Girl USA * * Kellerflavor GER * * Postpartum Records GER * *Heisse Luft Label AUT * * Vinyl Digital GER * * HHV Ger * ** Iruka Records GER * * Haid Creative Music Label GER * Melting Pot Records GER * * Mutombo Records GER *  and many more ...
In-House Engineering 
Urban Waves Records BLG / GER * Radio Juicy BLG / GER *
Postpartum Records GER *  * Iruka Records GER * * Haid Creative Music Label GER *  
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Stefan Wilczynski / HipHop and Lofi Producer
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Urban Waves and Radio Juicy - true passion for music !

Staub Audio Engineering is very proud to be the in house engineer solution for this two incredible label brands. Owned by two of the most passioned personens in the music industry Urban Waves / Radio Juicy stands for progressive sound on the highest level. Former known for the production and distribution of the most virulent vinyl releases, those two labels established a big name regarding digital streaming releases. Working in the genres of hiphop, lofi, chillhop, electronic music, jazz and progressive electronic music Urban Waves / Radio Juicy has an incredible roaster of the top artists worldwide.

Staub Audio Engineering is proud to mark the sound of many artists featured by Urban Waves / Radio Juicy.
Just to name a few of them: Axian, Glance, Invention, Telemachus, Ted Taforo, Drwn, Kaspa Hauser, Pawcut, Shatter Hands, Stan Forbee, Keeth, Chino Covalian, Unwind Project, Cygn, Martin Sky, Cumulus Frisbee, Jesse Koolhaaas, Wun Two, and many many more ... thanks for the trust brothers!
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Urban Waves / Radio Juicy ( Music Labels ) 
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Postpartum Records  ( Music Labels ) 
Postpartum Records - Vinyl , Vinyl , Vinyl ! 

Postpartum Records is a german label - Staub Audio Engineering has the honor to be their in house 
Mastering Engineer. Many vinyl releases where done in the past and will hopefully be done in the future. 

Staub Audio Engineering is proud to mark the sound of many artists featured by Postpartum Records. Just to name a few: AK420, Dj Obsolete, Hydrogenii, Sickness MP, H-ICO da Funklooper, Corc, Krroks, jazz Quaterz, Phlow, Phil the Agony, Rusty Juxx, Smokey Kun, Raw Mentalitee, Spaze Windu, Kill Eiml , KArmawin, Damaa, 8Cee, Mike Flips, Ill J, RLLBTS; TracksideBurnerz, Von Welt , Hyde , Birdy SanJazz, Run Wallace, Funkonami, Phax , PRGMAT and many many more ....
Haid Creative ( Music Label ) 
"Haid Creative - Spores and Shrooms"

Staub Audio Engineering is very proud to be closely working together with the founder and creator of Haid Creative Music Label. With an refreshing new concept and an very nature-based art- and lifestyle this new music labels is referred in the top playlists of the major streaming platforms and a big candidate for beeing the new hype in the future!

Staub Audio Engineering is proud to mark the sound of many artists featured by  Haid Creative such as: 
Bipeula, Fornele, LBL, Lobit Loopers, Birdy Sanchez, C-Ras, Sleeping Dove , Lush Echoes, SP Mato, Hydrogenii, Robochop, CrazyJazz, Spurendieb and many many more ... 

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Iruka Records  ( Music Label ) 
Iruka Records - Lofi and Beats - and just good people ! 

Iruka Records is a german music label that opened up some years ago. With those guys, one can feel that the love of music is in focus with every release they publish. The careful selection of top producers working with Iruka Records feature the "who is who" of the international instrumental scene! This is pure gold.  

Staub Audio Engineering is proud to work for artists featured on Iruka Records: Jost Ester, Skill Syrup, DJ Cerk, Drwn, Damaa, Prgmat, Yung Dark, Dualizm, Laxfilet, KAyo, Phlocalyst, and more ...
just a few artists Staub Audio Engineering is working for ... 

2Late - 8CEE - 96A Posse - AK420 - Alejandro - 2ZG - Alma - Smoky Kun - Anatole Muster - Anatolian Lover - Anbuu - Aprovoli  - Ashley Kalifar -Automn Keys - Auxkabel -Ayteone - Aziza -Bagage Label -Bassti -BBZ -Beats with Brothers -Benman . Zetta . Birdy Sanjazz . Blaemful Isles . BLNKSPC Blue Macaw Blue Wednesday Bluestaeb Blumeblau Borealism Böser Wolf Braten One Brous One Bubble Vibes Carl Aqua Chetbaker Chi Dharma Chief Bob Chief Rugged Chopped Herring Records Chris Mazuera Chromonicci Cloud jazz Cloudless Sky Cocabona Corc Cornerloops Tesk Tetsu Theolonious Coltrane Tillus x Upper Tito Tantaculo Slize & Philo Philta  Corpus Coubo C-Ras Cumulus Frisbee Cygn Daidos One Damaa Dan Paul Deauxnuts Declan Def Ill DemoluxDenkLimidoDer Ralle Der Ralle 2 ZGDevaloop DevioDezibelle RecordsDj Lethal Limp BizkitDj ObsoleteDJ WildstyleJohannes OnetakeDjango Dolphun DowakeeD-RasDrips Zacheer DuoyaEddy MugreEdo Lee ElmoESCEu93NeEugen Kota The Friend Cygn SchottFabFamilienbandeFellowsophFigub BrazlevicFin GeeFinestFireplacesFlitz und SuppeFlo Filz Flughand Foodforthought Franz Funkonami tomppabeats Tongue Twist Toonorth Tosch Tracksideburners Funkonami Ikom Funkylooper Funkynotes Ghostnaut Ghstalt Post Partum Records Glance Good Society Records Goomar Goostaf Grand Huit Hadriens Feraud Hafkes Hakim Norbert Hanses Hash Hast & Pestizid Haus und Baum Records Hawk One Headmasta Heisse Luft Herr König Hico the Funk Looper Hiphop Joshy Hubert Daviz Huhnmensch Hyde Beats Hydrogenii Hypnotize Ideism Ikarus Ilker Bilkan Ill J Invention Iruka Records Jackspin Jarjarjir Jazzquaterz Jeia Jer Mc Jesse Kohlhaas JHAS JHFLY Jodu Joe Corfiel Johny Holliday Juan Arrango tustep Twit One Typhoon Uncommen Urban Waves Juicebox Jules Hiero Kabuff Klikk Karmawin Kaseta Katharsis Kayo Kayo KC KC Keeth Kellerflavor Kenny Keys Kerrusm Kflow Khaderbai Khoa Kill Emil Kkoma KKorpus Delikkti Knowmadic Kota the Friend KOtis Kowinmusic Krooks Kuzi LBL Latifa Laxfilet BL Leaf beach Leavv Leicht Les Bonmots Lidly Lipp der Funkverteiler Looplanguage Luk the Dude Madkid Madmäx Maikst  Mambeats Markant Martin Sky Maverik Soul MaxIMillion Maximum On Mayoman Backfishboy Radio Juicy Urbina Vienna Von Welt / Former City Vooo McGyver MDK Meister Lampe Melting Pot Records Mike Flips Miss BunPun Mister Jones Moby Mog Moon Crew Motiv Mr Goldenfold Mr Käfer Mr Moe Mr Slipz Mt Fujitive Mundraub Mutombo Records Mz Boom Bap NeunzehnhundertSchnee Nico HarriNutkase NY Times Offenburg Graffiti Jam OKHO OKWOW Records One Ensemble Operator5 Organic Pulse Ensemble Oro Negro Otis Ubaka Pancha Mama Family Pauliverse Paupat Pawcut Phil the Agony Phil Tylor Philanthrope Philta Phlocalyst PH-Wert Plusma Presslufthanna Walter Warm Walzy Warpath Wilczynski Wun Two Prgmat Proud Palms Psalm Trees Pseudo Slang Quen Tin Querl Radio Juicy Remulak Repete 23 RLLBTS Sickness MP Rob Steez Robochop Roshima Run Wallace Ruste Juxx Saltfeend Sarid Satyr Sefie Derntl Sickness MP SkeptikaSketchywav Skies Skillz Flav Skone Sleepy Patterns Slom The Breed Slowya Roll Smuv Sofasound Soupbox SP Matu Stainlex Sto Nii Sugiwa Summit One Sven Johanns Swink Telemachus Wünsche Yuto 

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