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003 One night in LP MSTRArtist Name
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03 christmas feelin MSTRArtist Name
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007 lbl _ sisom part I MSTR ( even _ b a x _ r e c o m m e n d e d )Artist Name
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LBL x David Lobitz - Livin' Simple MSTRArtist Name
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If you are in need of a producer or sounddesigner or if you are looking for a talented and genius artist Eugen Schott is the musical genius you searched for! He is the impersonation of a highly talented and professional producer , who is extremely experienced in sound design and music production. 

He has been a producer for jingles, beats and music for many companies and artists , such as, RTL, Bayerischer Rundfunk, Holysoft-Studios, Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Hamburg, Porsche, P7S1 and many more . He has worked with artists like Spax, Hansis Room, Brisk Fingaz, Headtrick, Pawcut, Dizzy, Sam und Max, Mr. Robinson, Mala Preta,, ESC, Tirow, Laca, Kkorpus Delikkti, DSDNG, Kokee Thornton, Plusma, Flitz & Suppe,, Wilczynski and being involved in label productions from eller Flavour, POSTPARTUM., Labohr, Nights like these Music, Vinyl Digital, HHV, DigginSack, Listening Pleasure, Heiße Luft, Greenery Force, 2 Zimmer Gefüge, Lacave Records, Holysoft-Studios, Durch Drauf Records, GrooveYard, S!X Music and many more..

If you need great composing , instrumental productions, sounddesign or just an artistical approach on your vision contact Eugen Schott ! I would put my hands in fire for this guy ! 

Eugen Schott
Sounddesigner - Artist - Engineer
Eugen Schott
Genius Sounddesign 
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